Changes In Interior Design During Covid.

I believe we are in the midst of a modern renaissance in all aspects of art, design architecture, and interiors. From the clothes we wear to the piece of furniture owned, minimalist and transitional designs are gaining popularity. I think the transformations that are emerging are taking place because our generation’s needs have also changed. Most of the changes occurring are in home interiors, but for now, we will limit it to a few key points.

 Firstly, in this unprecedented time of COVID-19, working and studying from home is now the new norm. It is essential for us to have optimal spaces where we can work remotely, conduct. zoom conferences, and where our children can take their online classes. All of a sudden, our demand has changed from simple, comfortable homes, to spaces designated for professional uses and classroom style settings for the young ones to be able to have undisturbed individual study time. 

Secondly, I am receiving a heavy demand of requests for indoor/outdoor spaces which are great for accommodating social distance gatherings at home. It is part of our nature to crave social interaction, so this way, we can continue to spend time with family and friends safely. 

Lastly, our generation is a conscious one. We are starting to realize how harmful much of the technology we use is to the environment. I actively choose to implement ethical and environmentally sustainable designs and construction in my work. Homeowners reap the benefits of futuristic technology in their homes while also maintaining the health and well-being of our planet.